Episode 70. Hiatus

Hi listeners, we’re wrapping up this first season of Inappropriate and going on an indeterminately-lengthed hiatus. Stay tuned for season two, coming someday. In the meantime, read stuff, watch TV, and get ready for 2020!!! Thanks for all your support this past year and a half, truly, we love you guys.

Episode 67. Boomers have PTSD?

The one where we realize boomers might have PTSD because they were part of nature vs. nurture experiments when they were infants and maybe that helps explain it all, and maybe this is why they now need to train themselves to eat the same dinner every night. We also talk Miss Saigon-gate in Madison and whether academic panels are part of the problem. Plus recs! Good ones. Enjoy everyone, and good eatin’.


Episode 63. Our resident gay+AIDS expert weighs in

The one where we talk about the problem with cheer/Wisconsin; Freddie Mercury, Queen, and villainous gays; and Elizabeth Warren’s presidential candidacy. Also bonus mini-discussion of Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony and our respective plans for working out. Plus two really great novel recs. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU.

Episode 50. Submit or rebel

The one where we talk about Gillian Flynn being pigeonholed as a “women’s writer”, the rise of electronic medical record software and the doctors who hate it, and the new tv show Homecoming starring Julia Roberts and Bobby Cannavale based on the amazing podcast starring Catherine Keener and David Schwimmer. Plus recs and a special outro song in commemoration of our one year anniversary!

Episode 49. Vote Hobbes

The one where we talk about the midterms and our respective and collective election PTSD, Rebecca Solnit’s argument that the Civil War never ended, and yet another podcast about a messed up guy masquerading as a healthcare professional and wearing dirty scrubs, named John. Plus recs, and your last chance to enter a submission for our Very Special 50th Episode!!!